1. 3 Wine-Free Ways to Use Wine Glasses

    Our beautiful personalized wine goblets and toasting flutes make excellent drinking glasses, but they can do so much more. Use these ideas to bring some versatility to your glassware collection or present wine glasses to recipients who don’t drink alcohol. Dessert Serving  The elegant s...
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  2. How to Wrap a Fragile Gift

    Glassware, picture frames and other fragile items make great gifts, but only if they’re in one piece when they’re opened. Keep breakable items safe in their gift packaging by following these simple steps. Step 1: Protect the Item Wrapping a fragile item isn’t just a matter of cov...
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  3. The Essential Guide to Glassware

    Glassware makes a great gift because it’s useful and it’s not necessarily something we’d buy for ourselves. Our beer and wine glasses make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, graduations and other occasions. Learn more about your glassware options to make shopping super simple. ...
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  4. 5 Things To Consider When Planning Your Next Party

    You’ve decided you want to throw a party. Awesome! But before you make an online invite or send out paper announcements, you should think about these five things to ensure you host the perfect event.   1. Guest List Think about who you want to invite, not just in terms of who you like ...
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