1. 5 Affordable Home Décor Ideas That Add A Luxurious Vibe

    With a new focus on affordable home décor, consumers are now looking for creative ways to add a touch of comfort while also adding class and style to their home’s interior. If you need a few ideas, here are five affordable ways that you can reinvent your home’s décor for a ...
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  2. Are You Hosting A Wine Dinner Party? Here Are A Few Glassware Etiquette Tips

    Dinner parties are back in style and with them comes etiquette standards that define you as a well-polished host. While you may pay great attention to the food and décor, it is often the wine choice that receives the most attention. It is also common practice for guests to bring a bottle of w...
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  3. Do You Know Gift-Receiving Etiquette? Here Is How To Respond

    Receiving a gift is a fun, feel-good moment. Do you know how to respond? Receiving a gift is the easy part, but the etiquette is where it gets a bit complicated. As we wrote earlier in our blog, Say It With A Gift etiquette is all about who is receiving it. The same can be said in this situation as ...
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  4. August Holidays That Are Perfect For Say It With A Gift Glassware

    For the lovers of spirits, breweries, and ales to lounging by a shimmering pool on a hot summer day with a glass of lemonade, August holidays were made just for you. Here are fun and festive August holidays that are perfect for Say It With A Gift glassware. August 1: India Pale Ale Day / IPA Day H...
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