Picking out a gift for that lady-friend in your life is not the same as gift-shopping for a man. Why? Well, most men have one thing in common when it comes to gifts; they either don’t want anything, have everything you may think of, or, will be okay with whatever gift you decide suits them. 

An ideal way to ensure you don’t just pick anything because he said he wants anything is picking a customized gift that he’ll use every day. Now that father’s day is fast approaching, we want you to pick the perfect gift for that man in your life. Whether your husband, uncle, brother, or male childhood best friend, below are awesome personalized gift ideas that man in your life will appreciate.

  1. Customized Tub or Cooler 

If the man you want to gift loves road trips, camping, or simple backyard hangouts during the weekend and he seems to have everything you may think of, then why not get him a customized tub or cooler? This way, he’ll never take a warm beer, whiskey, or soda again. If he is more of a backyard hangouts and barbeques person, a customized, chilling beer tub will be perfect. 

  1. Engraved Pilsner Glass 

We all have that one man in our life who loves beer so much, he never goes a day or a weekend without cracking open a cold one. It could be your brother, your husband, or your dad. Whoever it is, you cannot go wrong with getting him an engraved pilsner glass. To make the package even more unique, add the customized beer tub to the package. 

 If beer isn’t the drink of his choice, you could substitute the pilsner glass with a customized whiskey glass. The chilling beer tub mentioned earlier could also serve the same purpose for whiskey. Note, this will not only be a gift he’ll appreciate for Father’s Day but also one that he’ll be using regularly.

  1. Personalized Watch Box

Just as you are obsessed with your high heels, or jewelry, some men are obsessed with nice, expensive timepiece. They will readily splurge on a new timepiece, regardless of the countless they may have sitting at home. If you happen to have a close one in your life who is also a father, then the perfect gift for them would be a customized watch box.

  1. Customized Jersey

Is he a fan of the Lakers? Does he stay overnight watching a Manchester United Game? Would he trade the world for the New York Yankees to win? Whichever sport he may be into, a customized jersey for the team he loves and supports would be a pretty thoughtful idea. To make it even more special, ensure it has his favorite team player’s number on it. 

But Why Customized? 

Customization adds a personal touch to everything, be it something as simple as a pen, or as significant as a car. In other words, a pen is just an ordinary pen, but when it has his name, his favorite quote, his birthdates, or his favorite place, it becomes unique, and special to him.  

Moreover, when you give someone a customized gift, they will appreciate it more because they will know you took your time to look for the perfect gift and even went through the trouble to have it engraved with their name. For instance, in this case, when you surprise your husband with a set of whiskey glasses for him and his boys, all customized with their names, he’ll know your planned this gift out for months.