5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day is fast-beckoning and if your dad is anything like most dads, he probably has everything you could think of getting him as a gift, and at the same time, wants nothing. In other words, finding the perfect gift for dad can be a real headache.  However, you are in good company because below is a roundup of thoughtful, yet cool gift ideas you could get for father’s day this year.

1.   Beer Mug

For most dads, the ideal weekend involves hanging out with the boys in the backyard, grilling some nice meat and taking beers while at it. If your dad is anything like that, getting him and his boys beer mugs for Father’s Day would be a much-appreciated gesture. The gift will touch an even more special place in the heart if these mugs are customized and have his name and that of his friends.

2.   Dad-Jokes Book

Ah, dad jokes. We’ve all been on the receiving end of one. They are so bad and unfunny; they end up making you laugh even if you had sworn you will not laugh at another one. They are usually something along the lines of “I wanted to diet, but I feel like I have way too much on my plate currently” or, what sound does a witch’s car make? Broom Broom!” You probably got amused by that right?

Well, that’s what makes dad jokes so great and if your dad just can’t go a day without bringing a few your way, then a dad jokes book added to the beer mug package would make a pretty ideal gift. Sure, he will bore you to death with these jokes he’ll find in it, but at least you’ll have touched his heart by showing that you do notice his jokes.

3.   Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Dads may be pretty good at grilling meat, but when it comes to making anything else, they couldn’t do it to save their lives. With that said, if your dad’s job involves a lot of traveling and you don’t want him to always be doing takeaways during his trips, consider adding a breakfast sandwich maker to his gift package. This way, he’ll be making dinner-quality sandwiches for breakfast from wherever he may be. The best bit about it? No culinary skills are required!

4.   Neck/Back/Body Massager

For most people in our modern world, a typical day at work involves sitting in front of a computer the entire day. Unfortunately, by the end of the day you’re not only tired, but also you may have body aches. If your dad’s job fits this definition, then he deserves a neck, back, and body massager to ease his backaches after work. After all, he gives his best at his job, so you can have the best.

5.   A Monthly Cologne Subscription Package

If your dad is obsessed with smelling nice, buying him a scent he has never tried would be a great idea. But of course, he will use this up after a short while. So why not take care of his scent expenses every month by getting him a cologne subscription package? This way, he will get to try a nice scent every month and think about you every time he receives it.

Getting the perfect father’s day gift can prove pretty hectic as it’s always difficult to determine what these guys want. But you cannot go wrong with any of the gift ideas above. You could choose to get him all that’s on our list as these would make the ideal father’s day package.