Did you know that there are little known March holidays that provide the perfect excuse to spend some quality time with your friends and family? While there are dozens of holidays this month, we chose a few that we thought you would enjoy!

March 2: Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day first began as a holiday in 1995 when Workman Publishing began the celebration to acknowledge workers worldwide. Companies may formerly decide to serve lunch or give small gifts. It can also be an informal observation where an employee gives a gift to a co-worker. Since it is a business setting, buying a gift like the DSE Elegant Pen With Swarovski Crystal would be an ideal gift for such an occasion. #EmployeeAppreciationDay

March 3: I Want You To Be Happy Day

While it is unknown who started this holiday, it is a day that encourages you to do a good deed. Gift ideas are limitless. You can do a favor for a friend, help a neighbor with yard work, or give a gift to someone in need. Take a friend on a bike ride and bring along our Bicycle Wooden Flask to stay hydrated. This day is all about being happy, so take the opportunity to make someone smile! #IWantYouToBeHappyDay 

March 8: Popcorn Lover’s Day

In 2012, Bob Matthews began this holiday simply because he loved popcorn. Many people agree with him and happily celebrates this day with him. While it is about enjoying the snack, it is also a day to share it with others. There are many creative ways to serve it including butter, caramel, cheese, and salt flavoring. Add your favorite drink to our beer mugs and enjoy your favorite movie! #PopcornLoversDay

March 13: Jewel Day

While the origin of this holiday is unknown, it is safe to say jewelry stores love when people celebrate it. Jewel Day offers the perfect opportunity to give a gift or to receive one. A bride who loves a spring wedding would love this day for an engagement. Even if you are married or have children, this is an excellent way to say I love you. Whether you spend a little or a lot, our Say It With A Gift’s Glass Jewelry Box would be the perfect keepsake to accompany it. #JewelDay

March 20: Tea For Two Tuesday

Everyone loves tea, so it makes sense that there is a special day to celebrate it. In 2016, it was established by people on holiday as a way to enjoy the day with a friend and a cup of tea. It is also a great day for a tea party or to visit with a loved one. You could introduce your friends to t new tea varieties from all around the world. Whether you prefer iced tea in a mason jar, or hot tea served in a mug, it allows you to celebrate for years to come. #TeaForTwoTuesday

March 26: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

In case you have not found enough reasons to celebrate throughout the year, this day allows you to make one up to create a memorable day all your own. First introduced by the Wellness Permission League, it provides a perfect reason to be unique. If you need a bit of inspiration, visit our blog to find a few ideas for your celebration. #MakeUpYourOwnHolidayDay

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